Purpose of the Fairview Docs Website

It is apparent that the paradigm of health care is changing rapidly in parallel with every other sector of the economy. Technology enables more collaboration sharing of information and facilitating individuals to be more empowered and responsible for many aspects of their own care. This website is being launched in an effort to facilitate transition into this modern paradigm. As much as possible we will be trying to provide you access to the same resources, guidelines and principles that we ourselves have been using to inform you to as great an extent as possible about as many aspects of care you are interested in understanding. Our initial goal is to provide information about health care topics. We would soon like to be able to provide you with an opportunity to download pieces of your own medical record and different notes and forms that may be required for insurance or work reasons. We are very open to suggestions. We see this as a joint venture with you. So let’s keep building and learning how to collaborate!

Evidence Based Medicine

There are innumerable information sources available to both patients and providers. How does one evaluate what to believe?